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Free Slots
Free Slots

Gambling has been a favorite pastime for many people around the world for a long time. Over time, it has changed significantly, but it has managed to remain the same at its core. Today, walking into a land-based casino is not the only option for enjoying a gambling session. Instead, you can play your favorite games, slots, poker, baccarat, and bingo online. Heck, many online casinos have live casinos that simulate the experience of gaming at a land-based casino.

The gambling industry’s evolution has brought with it stiff competition and a plethora of games, including slots. To reel in new players and introduce players to new slots, casinos came up with the concept of free online slots.

In this piece, we’ll explore what these are, why they are important, and how they will help you improve your gambling experience over time.

What are Free Slots?

Simply put, free online slots are online slot machines that you can enjoy and play for free. The slot machines offering this functionality and experience are the same as the real money online slot machines on the casino. In some casinos, you’ll get these free slots in the form of demo modes.

But why in the world would you want to play slots without wagering? What will you gain? Is it advisable? To answer these questions, we’ve compiled a list of reasons why you should play free slot games.

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Why Play Free Slots Online

Games are ever-evolving

The number one reason people play free casino games in this day and age is to familiarize themselves with new online slot games before committing real money at any online casino. Yes, slot games are largely about luck. But even then, you can improve your chances of winning if you understand the nuances of the slot game in question.

Today, many popular game software developers and online casinos offer more than just 3-reel fruit games. Instead, they have unique scatter symbols, wild symbols, bonus rounds, and other features that differentiate them from other onlines in the industry. Though the basics of playing online slots generally remain the same, the new features can easily throw off a new player and predispose them to losses when they play for real money.

Slots aren’t created equal

Another reason to play free slots is that it allows you to countercheck the variance the particular game offers. Variance in the slot game world refers to the level of inherent risk or reward the game offers. You’ll find that some casinos offer players small wins throughout a play session but rarely hand out jackpot wins. Such casino slots games are said to have low variance.

On the other hand, some free slot games online may offer larger jackpot prizes, albeit infrequently and rarely. These slots are said to have high variance. The type of slot game you will choose depends on the variance of the slots, what type of player you, and how much money you have to spare.

If you have a small wagering budget, then you want it to last for as long as possible. As such, low variance online slots are your best bet to having an enjoyable betting experience. But if you have a large bankroll that can withstand the dry streaks in between large jackpot prizes, a high variance slot game has the potential to beef up your bankroll even more.

Now, to get a rough idea of the variance of an online slot, you should play it in free mode. With the understanding of the variance, you will better plan your deposits and wagers before diving into real casino slots.

It’s fun

Aside from the fact that you don’t wager real money (and consequently don’t win real money) on free casino slots, they are identical to real money slots. This means that you’ll have fun playing the game, much like you would have if you played with real money.

Free slots online have HD graphics, thrilling soundtracks, and often have special bonus rounds that are interactive. Aside from that, they come in many different themes, including movie and TV show themes. These slots even have short movie clips gotten from real movies to add to the fun and experience.

How to Play Free Online Slot Machines Online

The best thing about free online casino games is that you get to play them anywhere. These games are available on desktop, and mobile devices (though the list of online casino games available on mobile devices isn’t as comprehensive), provided you have access to the internet.

Since they are similar to real money slot games, the play process is the same as well. You simply press a button to spin the reels and hope luck is on your side. Remember, online slot casino games are largely about luck. This is because they have RNG chips that randomize the outcome, and there is no way of telling when one will win and how much they’ll win. With the Random Number Generators (RNGs), if you stop playing and a player comes in right after you and wins, it doesn’t mean if you made another spin, you’d win; it’s purely about luck.

Remember, there are no special rules for playing free online slots. They all follow the same script – click, spin, and win.

Choosing Free Online Slot Machines

Learning how to pick the right free online slot machine will have you a step closer to choosing the best real money slot games. Therefore, it’ll do you more good than harm if you spent a little time on this phase before progressing to real money play.

Knowing wins you half the battle

As we alluded to earlier, slots games are all about mathematical probability. Therefore, understanding how these probabilities work helps you use them to your advantage. With the right strategy and basic understanding of elements like RTP and variance, your chances of winning improve.

So below are what you should know when choosing the best free online slots to play.

RTP (Return to Player)

This might seem obvious, but there is definitely more under the surface than you know. Every gambler knows about the casino house edge. But if you don’t, it is simply the mathematical advantage casinos have over punters over a long period. The advantage usually manifests in a guaranteed percentage returning to the casino over time. Casinos always beat players in the long run – it is how many big casinos came to be. But before you lose hope, you can still leave with house money if you play right.

Now RTP is the theoretical rate of payout to punters from the casino. Many free slot machines have an RTP of between 90 and 96%. However, there are some outliers on either end of the spectrum. Some have 75%, and others have 98%.

It goes without saying that your aim should be to land free video slots with RTPs above 96%. You probably think that the 2% difference doesn’t really matter, right? Well, it does, especially if you play slots for the long term. The 2% can translate into thousands of dollars fast.

The best online casinos offer information on RTP, making it easier to choose the free slot games you want to play.

Valuable entertainment

Variance (volatility) is another factor to consider when choosing an online slot machine. It is used to calculate how well you’ll do on a play session. Think of this as a guide on how many times you expect to win or lose in an hour.

Free slot machines with high variances have longer dry spells between the large jackpot wins. On such free video slots, you might be chasing the huge wins only for your bankroll to flat line. But when the stars align for you, you’ll get hit the progressive jackpot prize.

On the flip side, some free online slots have low volatility, which means that they dish out payouts, albeit low amounts, frequently. Sure, there are large wins on the horizon, but they are less frequent than in high volatility online slot machine games.

Unfortunately, unlike the RTP, online casinos don’t volunteer this information. As such, you’ll have to read through slot reviews from other players or experience the online slot through their demo mode.

Explore bonuses

Using the casino bonuses can go a long way to helping you win the war against the house edge. The no-deposit bonuses, welcome bonus, or free spins are designed as incentives for new players and can also be used to a player’s favor. If you are a regular be on the lookout for bonuses in form of promotions.

Main Features of Free Slot Games

To keep things interesting, free video slots, like real money online slot games, have some captivating features. Below are some at the top of the list.

slot Free spins
Free Spins

Free spins

Many free slots offer players bonus rounds as well as free spins. When players are using these features, they don’t have to bet.

The free spins are triggered during the game by some special reel symbols called scatters. A certain number of symbols, typically three, need to align on the reels for the free spins to activate. The question of how many free spins are triggered or how often you can retrigger the free spins depends on the slots free game in question.

slot multipliers


These are symbols that multiply your wins by a given factor. For instance, you might see a symbol appear on the reels with an x2 at the top. This means that whatever you won is multiplied by two. There are other multipliers, including x5, x4, and x3, in some slots.


slot scatters

Scatters are a valuable feature of free casino slot games. They are special features that, in many cases, trigger bonus features, including Pick Game, Wheel of Fortune, and Free Spins. The big money prizes lie in this feature, so it is evident why they are important.

Scatter symbols are called ‘scatters’ because the symbols don’t need to align on the fixed-line to apply. Provided a minimum of three symbols appear on the reels, the bonus is activated.

Before you start spending your hard earned money on slots, you should know which symbols are marked as scatter. Usually, it is the symbol that is related to the title or the theme of the free slot. In some cases, it’s even the game logo.

slot wild symbol
Wild Symbol

Wild Symbol

To explain this symbol and how it works, let’s equate the Wild symbol to a Jokers Wild in a deck of cards. Normally, the joker is dormant and is left in the box. But from time to time, it can be brought to the game to act as a card a player wants it to be.

The same is true with wild symbols in free slots. If one or more wild symbols appear across the paylines, they will match other symbols and create a winning combination when possible.

Say you are playing a free slot machine that uses numbers and letters from a deck of cards as the game icons; when you spin, reels one and three spin aces on their center paylines. However, this isn’t enough to win the progressive jackpot. But if a wild symbol was in view and drops to reel two, it matches the symbols to create a winning combo.

In some slot games, the wild symbol only appears on specific reels, but it lands on any reel on others.

Advantages to Free Online Slot Games

Below are some of the main advantages of playing free slot games in New Zealand.

  • Free slots help punters to ease into gambling and allow them to learn how different slots are played and learn some tips and tricks that’ll improve their chances of winning.
  • Free slots are the ideal way of familiarizing oneself with gambling before placing real wagers. Every online slot game has some slightly different qualities that one needs to learn before they start spending real cash.
  • They allow punters to get familiar with the software functions
  • A player gets time to experience free casino slot games without having to worry about losing money. They can play on their mobile phones or their PC.
  • Playing free slots allows punters to learn how to manage money and the resulting bonuses and free spins. Part of succeeding in online slots involves learning how to manage your money within a session. This means knowing when to stop. A general rule of thumb is to stop when you have made double your original amount or when your bankroll is depleted.
  • Free slots help players to determine if the online casino they are on is best for them. They get to learn if they love the experience and if the slots’ variance favors their budget and style of play.
  • You don’t run the risk of getting addicted to gambling.
free slots on different devices
Any Device

Play Free Slots from Any Device You Like

The beauty of free games and online casinos, in general, is that you can enjoy them from any device and anywhere you, please. Provided you have a stable internet connection; you are good to go.

However, we should point out that desktop online casino versions tend to have a lot more slots than their mobile counterparts. But the good news is that game software developers are working hard to increase the number of mobile free games available for players in different online casinos.

When all is said and done, you want to make a habit of exploring free slots before spending money on real money sticks. This practice will help you improve your chances of winning prizes.