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High quality powered sites like Paddy Power prove beneficial to online casinos, thanks to HTML. With the ban on land-based gambling in Ireland, punters do not need to book a flight to Vegas to enjoy casino games. You can access these games in the comfort of your PCs and mobile devices. For this reason, casinos can easily offer casino bonuses to the players. All players have to do is sign up for an account, and they are good to go.

The competitive gambling market has forced many casinos to offer welcome bonuses. This is one way of attracting new players. New punters are finding it challenging to identify the best bonuses in the market. You might not even know how to claim these bonuses and where cs apply.

Don’t worry because we will provide you with our honest reviews on how these casino bonuses work. Once we are done with you, you will be ready to maneuver the Irish igaming market and gamble responsibly. So, do not move a muscle.

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Guide to Online Casino Bonuses

Casino Bonus Logo
Casino Bonus

Although the Irish laws of 1956 banned land-based gambling, casinos still offer Irish players bonuses to enjoy casino games. This has made Ireland be the most competitive when it comes to online gambling. The pressure among Irish casinos forces them to be on top of their games and develop strategies for attracting new customers. Online casino bonuses have proven beneficial to these Irish casinos. They lure players to experience online casino games and hopefully start making deposits. However, bear in mind that these casino bonuses have terms and conditions attached so, gamble responsibly. Make sure you have a clear understanding of how these casino bonuses work before claiming.

There are various online casino bonuses in Ireland to choose from. We will help guide you to make the best decisions on these bonuses. You will also have a better understanding of the types of bonuses you will encounter on the best casino sites. So, without further delay, let’s begin!

How we Review Top Casino Bonuses in Ireland

Don’t get it all wrong. Our job is not to review casino bonuses. We are gamblers just like you and guide our readers on the best casino bonuses to choose from. To ensure we deliver the correct information, we send our team of reviewers to assess the games and give accurate feedback without being biased.

The reviewers will create casino accounts on these Irish sites like paddy power and complete the registration procedure. Once they claim the bonuses online, they will try out the games on offer and see how they operate, the speed and regulations attached. They will also contact customer service to know how they respond to customer needs.

Our reviewers will figure out personal information they ask from players when claiming casino bonuses. They will confirm if these online casinos are licensed and if your data is safe with encryption.

Another important factor that our reviewers assess is if the bonus games are mobile device friendly. They will log into these sites using their mobile devices and see if they operate seamlessly. We will also understand which casinos have mobile apps that Irish players can download and install.

Additionally, our reviewers will make cash withdrawals from their winnings and see how long it takes for the bonus cash to reflect their bank account. Payment methods they use will also be looked into and the software providers available. We will then rank them based on these factors.

We will then come back with our feedback and post the Irish casinos with the best bonuses on this page. Our duty does not end here. We keep on reviewing these casinos to see if they are still on top of their games. That way, you will make the best decisions and start your gambling journey to win real money.

Types of Online Casino Bonuses
Types of Online Casino Bonuses

Most Popular Types of Online Casino Bonuses

Hundreds of casinos are offering online bonuses to attract players who use the bonuses to increase their bankroll. However, before you claim a bonus, a player needs to understand how these bonuses work. You must differentiate them to guide you choose eligible games. Check below the most popular online bonuses you are likely to encounter.

Welcome Bonus

Joining an online casino can be exciting because of the free bonus money and free spins. Irish casinos use these promotional bonuses to lure and possibly retain players. These bonuses are known as a welcome bonus. All you need to do is create a casino account on their website to activate the free bonuses. Before claiming a bonus, you may want to familiarize yourself with the regulations attached.

Free Spins

Free spins bonuses are mostly associated with welcome bonuses. New players will receive free spins without making a deposit. You will then use the free spins bonus to wager on eligible slot games that the casino provides. A player can also withdraw any winnings on this bonus. But you must have a better understanding of the bonus terms before cashing out.

Free spins bonuses are also awarded to new customers when making deposits. Depending on a casino, the bonus can be for the first deposit to a third deposit. This offer is great because even existing players get the opportunity to enjoy free spins on selected slot games.

Reload Bonus

Once you receive your welcome bonus, you will start enjoying various games in the online casino. As soon as your free bonus finishes, you may want to make a deposit to continue playing. Irish casinos like paddy power have come up with reload bonuses for making such deposits. However, there will be a minimum capped amount for you to qualify for the casino bonus. Depending on a casino, you can also claim the reload bonuses on the second, third, fourth, or fifth deposits.

Loyalty Points

This type of bonus is awarded to existing players who have been members of the casino for a long time. However, there is a manner in which you can claim this casino bonus. Depending on a casino, a player will have to wager for specific weeks, months, or even years.

VIP Bonuses

VIP bonus is for specific Irish players. You need to be playing more frequently than other players to qualify. The duration that you need to play to qualify will depend on the casino. The deposits you make must also be more than the deposits of a standard player.

Mobile Casino Bonuses

This is one of the most claimed bonuses in Ireland. A casino will reward you for logging into their website using a mobile device. The reward can be free spins bonus or deposit bonuses. Some casinos have apps that you have to download, install, register, and claim your casino bonus. Even though these bonuses differ, it is wise to research which casino bonuses are eligible to claim.

Live Casino Bonuses

This bonus applies to the live casino games. You must have a clear understanding of live casinos before claiming this bonus. Once you play and win, clearing of the bonus will be based on the live casino games.

Refer a Friend

As the name states, this casino bonus involves referring a friend or family member to a casino. The casino provides a link that if new customers sign up using it, the casino will compensate you. The refer a friend bonus will increase your bankroll and can use to wager on the games available. This bonus is common in a new casino.


Promotions bonus is a reward you claim when a casino is promoting new games or rather itself. It mostly applies to a new casino trying to maneuver into the igaming market. The bonus can be in the form of free spins or cash credit. You can use the bonus to gamble responsibly on eligible games and win real money.

First Deposit Bonuses Explanation
Explained: First Deposit Bonuses

Understanding First Deposit Bonuses

Mostly, casinos use no deposit bonuses to attract new customers. However, they must come up with a strategy for retaining these players. That is why they reward the players with another welcome bonus when they make a first cash deposit. The bonuses range with how generous a casino wants to be with its customers. The casinos can set a certain percentage for a min deposit to qualify for the bonus money or extra spins.

Irish players can claim a first casino deposit bonus using their mobile devices or PCs. Make sure that the games included are mobile device friendly. Below are the steps to claiming the first deposit welcome bonus if you are new to online gambling.

  • Choose the first deposit welcome bonus: Visit the best casino of your choice and choose a welcome bonus with favorable terms and conditions and wagering requirements. Register your details, including name, address, and contact details, and make your first cash deposit.
  • Enter a bonus code: Although most casinos automatically deposit the bonus once you make a first cash deposit, some will require you to enter a bonus code. You will find these codes at the promotion posters or contact customer service. Once you key in the code and make your deposit, the casino will add your account’s bonus. You can now wager on the games available and win real cash.

Players need to have a clear understanding of these deposit bonuses to help guide your choices. Most casinos will match your deposit to a specific percentage. The deposit match percentage can range from 100% bonus, 200% bonus to even 500% bonus.

It is good to read and understand where terms and cs apply for this welcome bonus. You may want to know that this bonus does not restrict players to specific games. Not only can you play slots and table games, but you can use the bonuses on poker and sports betting. Taking advantage of this welcome bonus will be beneficial if you want to try various best casino games.

Free spins Bonuses – How it works?

Free spins bonuses are common in online casinos. The free spins are awarded according to a certain percentage of your deposit. Casinos will also offer several number of free spins as a welcome bonus to new customers. All you need to do is create a casino account on their website. Depending on a casino’s regulations, you can use your free spins to wager on the best online games and win real cash.

The free spins bonuses can also be used on existing loyal players on promotions. When a casino is introducing a new game, the existing players may want to try them out. For this reason, the casino may opt to offer free spins as a bonus of loyalty to the players.

Deposit bonus spins differ from the cash credit bonus. You cannot use the extra spins bonuses to wager on games you choose. Instead, the casino has rights reserved to select games you will play using this bonus. The bonus is commonly used when promoting new games. That way, the casino can attract as many players as possible, thereby making the new games talk of the town.

Receiving a Casino Bonus Without Depositing

When you receive a casino bonus without making a deposit, it’s called a no deposit bonus. New players do not need to invest their money to claim this welcome bonus. All a casino requires is that you create a casino account on their website.

Creating a casino account is easy and only takes a few minutes. You will be required to enter your name, address, contact detail, and sometimes credit card details.

One of the reasons why the no deposit welcome bonus is on demand is because it does not have stringent regulations. You will find that this no deposit bonus’s wagering requirements are low, making it easier for new customers to win some money. You will also be able to withdraw a percentage of your cash winnings should you decide not to continue playing. However, if you do not read the terms and conditions clearly, you might fall into the hands of fraudsters.

Do not just claim a no deposit bonus because it’s free bonus money. Ensure you claim one that after you exhaust, you will have earned a reasonable amount of money. We insist on this because most casinos have set a max bet amount you can cash out on free bonus winnings.

Be careful, though. Some casinos have ridiculous cashing out rules that you will find yourself on the losing end. You might find yourself in a situation where you need to play using your bonus amount to qualify. That’s why you need an understanding of the terms and conditions.

Lastly, if you know you have not met the bonus wagering requirements, do not attempt to make a cash withdrawal. Take a break, come back, and continue to wager until you have achieved the wagering requirement. In case you make a withdrawal, your account may be forfeited, and you will lose all your games’ progress.

Wagering Requirements
Wagering Requirements

Why You Should Read the Bonus Offer Terms and Conditions

There are online casino bonuses that do not need thorough research. However, most probably, when you encounter these straightforward best casino bonuses, the terms and conditions attached are stringent. This is one thing that most new customers miss out on and end up losing in the process. Below are some of the essential points to focus on before claiming a bonus.

  1. Know what games are eligible to play. For example, when you claim a no deposit bonus, most new customers tend to believe that you can wager on all games using it. It is so rare to find a casino offering all games in one bonus offer.
  2. Understand the wagering requirements. You can claim a bonus with a limited number of games. But, knowing the number of times, you need to place your bet is essential. You do not want to find yourself in a situation where you cannot cash out your winnings.
  3. Online casino games have a significant variance when it comes to contribution. Understand the percentage in which the games contribute towards clearing the bonus. Mostly slots games have a contribution of 100% compared to table games, which have a lower percentage.
  4. A maximum bet to clear a bonus is another point that players miss out on. For example, suppose a casino sets a max bonus bet of $10 per bet, and you exceed. In that case, that bet will be invalidated depending on the casino rules.
  5. Payment methods: Do not rush to sign up for an account without confirming if your payment method is allowed by the casino.

What are Wagering Requirements?

Every casino has wagering requirements attached to deposit bonus offers. Also known as playthrough or rollover requirement, it shows how many times new customers need to wager using casino bonus before they can make a cash withdrawal.

For example, a casino may offer a 100% bonus when you make a cash deposit of at least $100. Suppose the bonus amount offer has a wagering requirement of 10x. In that case, a player needs to wager ten times using the $100 bonus to qualify for a cash withdrawal. This means that you will need to wager an amount worth $1000.

Some casinos will use the wagering requirement on both your cash deposit and the bonus. This means that instead of using $100 to wager 10 times, you will use $200. So, if you do not wager an amount worth $2000, you will not be able to cash your winnings. See why we insist on you reading the T&Cs? You do not want to place many bets without cashing out.

Most casinos use the wagering requirements to prevent unscrupulous players from taking advantage of the free bonuses. While the bonus offers attract most players, there is a variety who see an opportunity to make money. These individuals will create a casino account, make deposits, and cash out the bonus funds without wagering on a single game.

As much as casinos would like to offer its over 18 new players with best online casino offers, it cant for obvious reasons. Make sure you understand the regulations attached before claiming a bonus. Note the time limit provided for the bonus to guide you with clearing your bonus.

Brief Guide to Signing Up for Online Casino Bonuses

Not all casino bonuses are the same in online casinos. Different punters are attracted to different bonuses like bonus spins to deposit match. Make sure you select a bonus which you know has no stringent restrictions. You must be aware that signing up for an online casino bonus is easy and takes a few minutes to finish. But, before a player starts the signing up process, follow the steps below:

  1. Choose an offer: Do not pick a free bonus without understanding the type. Know if it’s a free spin or cash credit bonus. Also, understand if you will have to deposit cash or not to claim the bonuses.
  2. Understand the wagering requirements: know how many times you need to wager your free bonus before making a cash withdrawal. Don’t forget to check if wagering requirements apply to the free bonus or on both your cash deposit and bonus.
  3. Time restrictions: This is essential if you want to familiarize yourself with casino games. Most casinos give players a time limit of between 7 days-30 days to clear a bonus. If you find a bonus with a time limit ranging from 14-30 days, then that’s a good deal. Any bonus with a lower time limit like 7 days, you may want to keep looking.
  4. Free spins information: This bonus can be tricky to understand and because if it, most punters find themselves in trouble. The best bonuses free spins allow players to wager and make cash withdrawal without wagering requirements. Check if the wagering requirement wants you to wager the winnings from free spins to claim your bonus.
  5. Deposit requirements: When you want to make a cash deposit, the casino will ask for your payment method details. Ensure you understand if the payment method you want to use to deposit cash will be allowed when making a withdrawal.

The above steps will guide you into choosing the best welcome bonus. Note that there are numerous lousy bonus rewards in the market. That’s why we are here to help you not fall victim to the offers.

Parting shot

Note that good deals can attract the eye so pay attention to the regulations. The wagering requirements must be in your favor. You do not want to lose. Also, make sure the time limits are not abnormal. That way, you can have enough time to experiment with the available live casino games.

Understanding the games that are attached to each bonus is essential. You will learn a few strategies for playing these games and maybe take some cash home. Also, we know the importance of choosing the best casino sites like mr green and paddy power. Research thoroughly on casino sites as well

We encourage you to take advantage of these online casino bonuses, especially if you are a new customer eager to try casino games. You have nothing to lose but fear, which is a good thing. Right? Be careful not to fall victim to fake casinos. When a casino requires you to make a deposit on a no deposit bonus, you may want to look into that.

We hope you find this article beneficial. We believe that now you can go into the igaming world and make yourself proud. Do not stop here. Keep learning how casino bonuses work and strategies for winning. Remember, gambling is only allowed for adults from 18 years so, please gamble responsibly—www begambleaware org.

Best Online Casino Bonuses

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What does an exclusive casino bonus mean?

An exclusive casino bonus means a bonus issued to a punter by third parties. The third parties’ work is to promote casinos and offer players a better deal than the regular bonuses.

What is a sticky bonus?

A sticky bonus is an amount the casino adds to your bankroll to wager on casino games. However, you are not eligible to withdraw this amount. If you win, the casino will deduct the sticky bonus. For example, if a casino gives you a sticky bonus $200, and you win $320 from it, you can only withdraw $120.

Can I withdraw my casino bonus winnings?

Yes. However, you must ensure you adhere to the wagering requirements. Suppose you attempt to make a withdrawal without completing the wagering requirements. In that case, your account might be closed, and lose all the games progress. You can also redeem your bonus winnings for free spins (50 free spins,100 free spins, 200 free spins, etc.) and continue to gamble responsibly.

Can I claim multiple bonuses at the same online casino?

No. Players can only choose one bonus at a time. We recommend you do thorough research on the available bonuses before making your final decision. For example, if you claim a $200 bonus, you cannot claim another bonus 200 free spins on paddy power. Once you clear your bonus, you may claim another subject to casino regulations.